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Location:Maplewood, MN
Dimensions of Crabitat:6 feet x 1 foot x 2 feet (4 feet with the topper)
Volume of Crabitat: 90 gallons (2 45 gallon aquariums)
Description of Substrate: 5:1 playsand and eco earth
Description of Tank Items: Netting on back of both tanks, burlap, real wood branches, fake plants, jute climbing rope, jute hanging hut, fake coconut moss pit, shell shop, moss pit basket, 2 pools that are almost 1 gallon each with bubblers, coral pieces and other little decor
Comments: I started with the tank on the right and a 10 gallon topper. I recently added the tank on the left and connected them with a 20 gallon topper. I wanted to make the right side more like a forest and the left side more beachy. I also try to feed them things based on where they would normally find them (ex: I feed seafood on the beach side and veggies/fruit on the forest side)

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