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Location: UK
Dimensions of Crabitat: 19.5″ depth, 39″ length, 23″ height
Volume of Crabitat: 75 gallon
Description of Substrate: 5 parts play sand and 1 part coco fibre
Description of Tank Items: Grape log, moss bucket, two untreated log bridges, 2 deep pools (1 salt, 1 fresh), a terracotta pot, plastics vines, 2 spare vine trellis pieces, 1 large piece of mesh across the lid with a really long vine weaved through and left long either end for easy climbing up and down
Comments: I have 6 crabs in here and I have had 3 successful molters so far. I only got my first hermit crab in September. My most recent addition was the mesh roof and they absolutely love it climb on it all night

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