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Location: Virginia, USA
Volume of crabitat: 30 gallon
Substrate: 5 parts playsand 1 part eco earth
Tank items: Coco house, shower caddy shell shop, handmade coco hut made from tupperware and covered, mini paint trays for pools with mesh for no slip and rocks in the bottom, aquarium plants, moss pit, and the food dish is a kids paint tray.
We started out with just the small plastic house the store sends home with you on vacation. I joined your wonderful groups and learned fast that it was not what they needed. We upgraded to a 10 gallon tank but just had playsand and the colored sand. Learned that was not proper either. Found a great deal on the now 30 gallon tank and I hope we have our crabs a forever home. Everything is new inside. It has been set up about a week. I have ordered it all in the last week and plan to add some climbing branches that run along the back of the tank behind their coco hanging house with vines. If you can see the hydrometer please excuse the low number I had just installed the new pools just before this picture. 🙂

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