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So this is a pic of the crabitat. I drew in where the substrate will be. I did some spray foam hides, but I think I’m going to cut them out.
I have egg crate screwed to the plywood as extra support for the sprayfoam. At $16 a for a 4’x2′ sheet, I used two sheets and only did the lower section. Seems to be on there pretty good.
I haven’t had time to pickup the material for the face frame or the trim pieces on the build yet. Maybe this weekend.
I’ve found Wal-Mart has the best price on great stuff spray foam. I’ve used about 6 can @ $3 a piece. I think I’ll need at least 3 more.
I’m also waiting on some cork bark, for the background, that I ordered from pet mountain and a few other odds and ends.

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