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Location: Pleasanton, California, USA
Substrate: 5 parts play sand, 1 part EcoEarth (sub is 8 inches deep)
Tank: 55 gallon/208 Liters
Topper: 45.7cm x 45.7cm x 60.9cm (18x18x24 inches)

There are three moss pits in the topper. Moss pits are plastic shower caddys attached to the corners in topper with 3M Outdoor foam strips, plastic hooks and zip ties to reinforce the suctions cups on the shower caddys. Shower caddys are wrapped in black plastic canvas across the front of each one for easier climbing (attached with 3M outdoor foam strips and plastic hooks). The large Birch branch was purchased at a reptile expo which allows for easy access to topper. I wrapped a jute cord for easier climbing. There is a shell shop just under the ladder (that I made) in the topper. A fresh pool on the right and salt pool on the left. Each pool has an air stone mist bubbler. Stones are glued (with 100% silicone) to the inside surfaces of each pool for easy access in and out as well as plastic plants in each pool. The pool on the right is above the sub so I glued pebbles to the outside surfaces for easy access. All plants are fake. I glued small plastic insects and frogs to the smooth surface of the coconut for easy climbing. Temperature and humidity is stable, no need for fogger. NOTE: the terrarium topper on the right was an experiment, it has since been removed.

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