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Sarah Rimmer

Camera: phone S7
Size: approx 55gal
Crabs: 5 Aussie hermit crabs
Substrate: Play sand and Coir 8:1

Water:2 deep pools, shell/rock bottom in a gradient, gutter gaurd . each doubled and sitting within a plastic tray that’s filled with smaller pebbles and larger around perimeter to cathc leak etc and disperse weight to avoid collapse.

Shell shop: tupperware dish at present as my crabs like digging under things.

Food: Dry dish inside fresh food dish. Supplements in small white shell dish with purple kina/sea urchin shell beside and a sea urchin spike withing shell shop.

food on offer – massive mix in dry foods of walnuts, rabbit poo, energy mix, green protein mix, freeze dryed turkey, coconut and probably other things i forget. my dry mix I get from ‘pinchies Place’. Fresh: pumpkin, cucumber, snap peas, celery. and a seafood skewer will be going in tonight.

Moss pit: DRY:Top right of cave area. inside is a little leaf litter and a dry sea sponge and cuttle bone with sea urchin spike. Access of driftwood, wall plants and a self made plant ladder ( plastic bird ladder with plastic plant pieces cable tied on – this is a favourite). WET: to right of bridge decor tucked in towards back in cave/climb area next to a heat source to increase humidity.

Hides/cave:Coconut tiki hut. terracotta pot. silk and plastic plants. large standing driftwood at back right with draping aquarium plants. they also like to hide under the bridge and behind skull)

Climb: Fake coral tree. maple tree vines. large hanging driftwood. diy ladders and fake wall hedge with suction cups to attach.

Leaf litter pit: hard to see but its a mixed litter in cave area below dry moss pit.

Plants: all convincing plastic fakes ( asked all the time) just from local emporium type store.

Decoration: mix of pebbles, shells, resin skull and drift wood.

All items sourced from local aquariums and emporiums. no painted items.

Digital weather reader hung in gutter gaurd pocket ( read extra climbing fun)

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