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Andrew Roth

Location: St. Louis, MO
Dimensions: 48″ wide, 28″deep, 30″ high
Volume: 150 gallon
Substrate: Playsand + EcoEarth (5/1 mix); The sub is about 13″ deep on the high side and then slopes off on the sides of the canyon to about 7″ next to the pools.

Tank Items:
– “Below ground” 1 gallon salt and fresh pools with filters and live plants (crab safe) and drift wood and coral access climbs
– petrified wood “canyon” (my son’s awesome idea)
– cork bark, coral and coconut hides and ladder
– decorative pottery moss pit
– artificial plants including a climbing “tree”
– two shell shops; one for small shells, one for large
– full-spectrum florescent lighting with extra UVB light
– remote sensor temp/humidity gauge

Comments: I walled-off the pool side of the tank with glass to protect from floods. The bottom of the pool area and large shell shop are filled with aquarium gravel. The back wall is covered with a plastic grid that I’ll use to hang aquarium “mats” to cover the back with plants they can climb. I will also be attaching more hides and shelves to the grid to give the crabs more vertical play space. There’s a lot of air space in this setup, so the back and left side of the tank both have a UTH and I’ve insulated those sides (added after I took that full tank image)

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