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Kym I Biviano

6foot long, 2foot deep, 2foot high
Playsand mixed with coco coir mulch brick
Very deep marine grade alt water pool, smaller fresh water but still quite deep as my hermit crabs spend more time in the salt water. I upgrade the pool sizes after observing which pool and how often the crabs used them
Plastic craft mesh and flat badket plastic mesh line thevsides of pools so even the micro crabs can easily find a way to climb in and out
Small filters with airstones help keep the water clean and clear. Ammonia alert device is attatched to inside of pool tank
I do a 50%water change weekly
Hundreds of suitable shells are in shell shops along the back wall shelves, sphagnum moss pits are also in tubs on shelves
A very shallow small tray is in the substrate in the fairy garden area, it has organic worm castings and greensand(food) and I often sprinkle a variety of seeds here to grow into sprouts. The shallow tray stops the plants roots from disturbing molting crabs. Seeds I use are chia, hemp, capsicum, mung bean and cress
The shell shop shelves double as dark places to hide under and coconut shells and small terracotta pots are spaced around the tank as hides
I crocheted a climbing net from food safe cotton twine, it is held up with suction cups and oak twigs. Other woods in the tank are cork, grapevine and goldvine

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