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Meg Jenkins

WIlliamsport, PA
Dimensions of Crabitat: 48″ long x 21″ deep, 21″ high
Volume of Crabitat: 75 gallons
Description of Substrate: 5:1 ratio of play sand and Eco Earth. Because we have to move the tank very soon for painting the room, we have the substrate around 6-7″ but have more ready mixed to add once the move is complete.
Description of Tank Items: We wanted our tat to look natural, without much plastic. That said, I am worried about glass, so we have two quart sized plastic pools, one of prime treated fresh water; one of Instant Ocean and Prime treated saltwater. Both have glass beads in the bottom (different colors so we don forget which is which), lilypads and flowers for crabs to climb onto while in the pool in case they want a quick exit, both also have ramps for in/out. There are 3 rock caves and a cocohut. 2 large coral pieces for climbing. There are also 2 shell shops, one for small crabs and one for larger crabs, made of shower corner caddies. They are accessible by climbing the plastic walls or by climbing the vines that are attached to the caddy. There is a rodent wheel for exercise, a jute hammock, and loads of plants to climb and hide in. The sides have coconut fiber or plastic climbing mesh along the walls. Choya wood for climbing/hiding. There is a hiding cave with a dish area on top–small crabs hide below in the cave, and the dish area in the top holds the green sand,worm castings, exoskeleten mix, flowers, herbs, other natural foods. In the front mid section we feed fresh foods in shells, and powdered or messy foods in clay segmented dish.
We also have 3 humidity/temp gauges. There are glass lids on top and fluorescent lighting to make viewing pleasant. The tat is close to a window to get natural light, but not so close as to be heated by sun.

Comments: After finding several native hermit crabs on the beach (and releasing them) My 10 yo son begged for a hermit crab for about 2 years. I had them as a kid, my very first pet, and I loved them so much but they lived short lives due to lack of information and my parents not really caring to help. We got Sam one the night we left Florida, back at the start of Feb, just a few months ago.
Since that time, we have gone from our first 2 crabs back in a kritter keeper with store food and tap water and fish gravel (no heat or humidity) to a 4 gallon, 10 gallon, 29…and now this! Thanks to this group for all the help, research and info. My son found the group and researched everything. He kept telling me we had it all wrong. I didn’t pay attention until one crab died…then I started listening, and he kept reading more and more! I think our crabs won the lotto with my kid in control of their well-being! Also, we were fortunate enough to find this amazing tank at a very affordable price. It was sold to us by a gentleman who was selling his deceased brother’s belongings. They gave us many of the plants, rock caves and structures, lids, lamps, extra bulbs, and the stand. So the tank is dedicated to the memory of Earl. 🙂 I have been sending the family pics of my kids with the new crabitat. They are glad it is being used again! We are really proud and excited about what we have done for these crabs and all we have learned in just four months!. My son has written all his school papers this year on hermit crab care…he is learning so much, and we are so glad to see him caring so well for these little amusing creatures!

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