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Katrina Love

Location: ( Virginia, USA )
Dimensions of Crabitat:I don’t know exactly on both . I do know the length one is 36 inches and the other 62 inches .
Volume of Crabitat: ( 65 arch gallons)(125 gallon)
Description of Substrate: ( 65 gallon 3 bricks of ee and 5 bags of sakrete play sand ) (125 the ee I’m not sure I wanna say about 9 bricks of ee and 10 bags of Quikrete play sand .Yes I know a lot of ee when I first started I like just having ee and then redoing the 10 gallon every six months but I was wrong so when I set up the 125 gallon in November 2016 I tried to do it kinda correct but the 125 gallon is still up to this day even with the ants . This is why I’m entering both tanks now .the 65 gallon was set up in April 2018 and the 125 gallon was just set back up in June. I pull everything out the 125 gallon except the sub thanks to the ants but luckily one of my new es just came up from her molt . Hopefully my other three pps and two es will to .

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