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Katrina Love

I deleted a photo by mistake so I have to add it by other post sorry also a few more photos I couldn’t add because of not enough photo files to upload. If you look at the dates of each photo I took my time doing the tanks and a lot of work went in to doing the two tanks this year . My hubby help me put the sand and mixing the ee in the 65 gallon tank . I made him do that part as payback for the cause of maggots last year luckily the hermits survive that to. My mom and hubby are care takers with the hermits also but I’m the main owner of them . I have 18 hermits 15 pps and 3 e s I just got a pp and the e s this year. 8 pps I got in November of 2016 . 7 I got in 2015 and shells has been with me since October 2014 he was my second hermit I owned.

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