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Cindy Whitehead

Cleburne, Texas
Dimensions of Crabitat:
48 1/2 inches long x 12 3/4 inches wide x 20 3/4 inches deep.
With a custom extension that is 48 inches long x 12 inches wide x 8 inches tall.
Volume of Crabitat:
55 gallon tank, apx 20 gallon extension.
Description of Substrate:
Play sand, Coconut Qaur, Worm Castings, Shredded Sphagnum Moss, Pulverized Timothy Hay, and Crushed Egg Shells.
Description of Tank Items:
•Home made Coconut Hide, filled with mix moss• 3 pieces of Cholla• 2 Natural Grape Vines• Salt Water Pool• Fresh Water Pool• 2 Small Natural Spider Plants• Shell Shop• Artificial Rock Cave• Artificial Climbing tree• Plastic ExerciseWheel• Various Artificial Plants & Vines• Triangle Mesh Hammock w/ Additional Shells• 1 Custom Crocheted Hemp Ladder• 3 Live Moss Pits.
I have only recently gotten into crabs after my grandson won one at a local carnival. While learning how to help him I fell in love with these little cuties! I am currently housing mine and his too, (due to the untimely death of my son’s air conditioner). Their home was too hot to be safe for them. I added the extension because I wanted to be able to give them more items to climb and additional places to explore. The tank was only completed 3 days before needing to add the crabs-due to the air conditioner issue.

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