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Kate Rebholz Buttke

Location: Elmira, Oregon, USA

Dimensions of Crabitat: length 35 1/2 inches, width 16 3/4 inches, height 18 1/2 inches

Volume of Crabitat: 50 gallon

Description of Substrate: All purpose sand (safe for sandboxes) and coconut fibers

Description of Tank Items:
On the right: Aquarium deco – Large Tree with cave (which the crabbies LOVE), a “mushroom ledge” which is glued on with aquarium silicone.
The center “bridge” is a piece of driftwood I found on the Oregon coast. Boiled it in salt water and dried it out.
Across the tank (the long black rope-like thingy) is a reptile climbing vine. In the back are 2 coconut huts and cholla wood.
Hung on the back wall is fishnet.
Hanging on the upper left side is a little green plastic colander decorated with a bit of coconut fiber mat on over the edges for the crabbies to be able to climb out well. And faux leaves wrapped around.
A plastic plant under the colander.
Aquarium Tree stump deco.
More drift wood and ocean rocks I’ve found over the years (washed in the dishwasher)
A lizard climbing mesh on left wall.
Lots of shells up front, just laying around on the substrate.
Fresh water on front left and salt water on front right.
And the new addition of the blue hamster wheel.
For feeding I use clam shells and plastic dishes (which came with an original kit)

Comments: On the back and sides is insulation covered in “jungle” fabric.
I also have sensors to keep the heat and humidity at the correct levels.
Heat sources are heat pads on back right and right side, plus lamps.
Humidity is kept up with a humidifier. All automated.

Lastly my husband has the tat sun controlled by our Google Home.

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