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Jennifer Dennis

Hi! I have 6 purple pinchers in Oklahoma City, OK. I have one large crab, 3 medium sized crabs, and 2 very little crabs. Their crabitat measures 60 x 18 1/2 x 20 inches. It’s a 110 gallon oceanic tank. It has play sand and eco earth in a 5:1 ratio with some oyster shell, spanghum moss, green sand, and leaves in different places on top. There are several branches to climb on. These are grape wood and mopani wood. There are 3 coconut hides and one coconut treehouse, and a moss cave made from a 2 liter bottle. I have 3 thermometer/hygrometers placed in different locations, an insulated UTH heater on the back of the tank, a UVB light on the top of the tank, 2 pools with bubblers, 3 food dishes with different things in each dish, and a shell shop with a variety of different sizes of shells to accommodate everyone.

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