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Location: Falls Church, VA
Dimensions of Crabitat: 48” wide, 18” deep, 36” tall
Volume of crabitat: 150 gallons
Description of Substrate: Play sand and Eco Earth
Description of Tank items: Cholla, cork bark, grapevine roots, grapevine, coconut hides, hevea and jute ladders, lichens, and moss. Pools are a 5.5 gallon aquarium with a 2 gallon aquarium inside; both have filters and air stone tubes. 47” heat mats on the back of the top and bottom, the bottom one on a thermostat. Between the heat mat and the glass, or acrylic, I put “Ecuadorian rainforest” 3D backgrounds I found in the reptile section at PetSmart.
Comments: I had my 75 gallon, finally, after going from 6 gallon, to 20 gallon, to 29 gallon, and 40 gallon. I ordered a custom turtle condo from glasscages to match the dimensions of the tank. I have a 48” uvb light strip in the back and two glass lids with the plastic strips removed to let the uvb in.

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