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The tank is now 55g

Other pictures… two show what I started with. The first one of the 20g (Crab sand – BAD) Then I joined the group.
The second picture is of the same 20g I started with, with better sand and proper deeper pools.

Now my little critters are in a 55g, has full back of tank covered in tree bark for them to climb. Plastic grasses (3 kinds) mixed in with the bark. In the Center of the tank is a rounded “Stump”. On top of this stump is a large section slightly hollowed down, that they climb into and it is thier shell shop.

The Water pools are now large enough to fully submerge and I’ve noticed 3 at a time can play in there at a time with room left over.
The Water pools are both on a plastic 4 legged shelf/step, leaving the entire spot underneath the step as a hide.

Stuff to climb such as the carved tiki bamboo ramps, hanging flowers and suctioned dishes full of Moss. I have a stand-alone vertical wheel on the side for them to play and exercise in.

And of course, now I know better foods and treats for them too! They have a section for regular dry foods, “treats”, safe foods of veggies, fruits, and meat, a large dish for their greensand and worm castings, a foraging section with bark, flowers, petals, moss, etc

I feel much better about their tank now. 🙂

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