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Sherri’s entry:
This is a 40-gallon ‘tat with 7-8 inches of substrate (play sand and EcoEarth). It houses Ecuadorians. The moss pit (kept damp for added humidity) and shell shop are shower caddies, balanced on rock (moss pit) and coral (shell shop) for added stability. Too, there’s a lichen-encrusted cork round for hiding and nibbling and additional rocks (the crabs seem to enjoy climbing those vs. other things). The fake/plastic plant is included because they tend to like to dig around plants. The pools are, well, pools and do allow the crabs – at their current sizes – to submerge. Mary’s food dish contains noms from Mary, Tricia, and Ronda. The ‘upstairs’ dish contains a chunk of cuttlebone, a chunk of lamb’s horn marrow, and a dish featuring a blend of Mary’s exo mix, dungeness crab exo, greensand, worm castings, azomite powder, a few anchovies, and a minnow. And, of course, there’s the obligatory sprig of millet on the substrate. I prefer to keep some of the floor space open so the inhabitants can move and tunnel without always having to clamber over decorative items.

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