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Samantha Fosnight/smcdan08
Midwest City,OK
Tank is 48in x 12in
55 gallon
Substrate is 8inches of Playsand and Eco Earth 5:1 ratio
Theres 2 coconut huts, foraging dish, climbing net on the left back wall, hanging shell shop with ladder and plant access, on the left is the freshwater pool and right is the salt water pool with craft mesh entry and exit, both pools have moss and lichen pits around them to help catch water and also filters and bubblers in them, in the middle is a climbing tree, there are reptile climbing plants on the right back wall, also plant hides under the shell shop, theres a saucer wheels for fun. There is a reptile basics ultratherm heat mat on the back, it is insulated and has a thermostat connected. A digital thermometer/hydrometer, the lines hang in the middle hidden by the tree.

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