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    This month’s contest is sponsored by the folks over at NE Herp! Winner will receive a $10 gift card!

    All you need to do to enter is to add some details about your crabitat, your contact details and then upload some photos of your crabitat (either here on the thread or over on the Flickr group). Then at the end of the month we will have a poll to find the winner.

    You must be registered on this site to enter and/or to vote.
    If you are having problems registering email Vanessa vanessa.pike.russell@gmail.com or Stacy crabstreetjournal@gmail.com for assistance.

    —- Template for your entry below – copy and paste, then edit —-

    Name: ( eg. Vanessa P.. or Vanessa Pike-Russell )
    Email: ( eg. mail@yahoo.com )
    Year of Birth: ( eg. 1971 )
    Location: ( eg. Michigan, USA )
    Dimensions of Crabitat: ( eg. 50cm by 20cm (base) by 20cm (height)
    Volume of Crabitat: ( eg. 40 Gallon / 200 Litres )
    Description of Substrate: ( eg. Tropical PlaySand, Silver Sand)
    Description of Tank Items ( eg. Netting, ReptiRock Dish, Rock Cave )
    Comments: Add some comments about your crabitat and any changes you may have made recently.

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    Pam Liberatore
    Glenshaw, PA
    40 gallon breeder
    Quickcrete play sand approx. 200 pounds and approx. 8 inches deep and sloping to approx. 4 inches to the 3-D wall.

    I set this tank up in July with a 3d side background. I left a 20 gallon high for this and my 5 crabs love it. I have cork bark halves for hiding places and choa wood hanging from the back wall with some fishing netting hanging over it.Coconut halves hammock for some birch wood shavings, a couple of moss pits, one of a terra cotta pot, and a small soap caddy with moss attached to the back wall. I have been using some great spaghum moss in these items. I have also put a small terra cotta pot in with some coconut fiber for the crabs to play with or eat. I have various plastic plants hanging and fishing net too. I have two pools of water, one salt and one regular. I have an air stone in the salt water tub ad the crabs seem to love the bubbles. I have it set on a timer to come on 4 times a day for 1/2 hour at a time.
    On the side 3-D wall there is cork bark and some ghost wood attached to the wall. The crabs love to climb the wall and hide in the crevices. I have been using a a red reptile rock dish for my crabs since the begining it seems and have had no problems with it. So here are some photos to enter:

    40 gallon breeder update6

    40 gallon breeder update15

    40 gallon breeder update12

    40 gallon breeder update22

    40 gallon breeder update9


    Congrats to Pam! NEHerp sponsored Crabitat of the Month so I will let them know to expect you 😉


    Super, you know I love that place. Thank you!!

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