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    This month’s theme is winter/New Year.

    Enter one photo per month.
    You can upload your photo to Flickr or another hosting site that allows you to embed your image in our contest forum.
    Photo resolution should be large enough to print at 11.5 x 9 inches (3400 x 2700 pixes) in Landscape mode (wider than it is taller)
    Photo DPI should be between 100-300 for quality printing
    When the contest is opened for submissions a new forum topic will be created. All contestants should post their photos in that topic.

    Submissions must be in by midnight CST on the last day of each month.

    Voting will last 7 days and you must be a member of crabstreetjournal.org to vote.

    Photos submitted may be featured in our magazine as well. By entering this contest you are granting CSJ permission to use your photos on the site and in the magazine.

    Winners will be awarded a prize that will be mailed to their home. If you are a under the age of 18 make sure your parents are willing to grant CSJ admin permission to mail your prize to you.

    December voting runs one year behind to allow us to have our calendar ready for purchase before the end of the calendar year.

    So for example:

    December 2010 photos will not be voted on until fall 2011 and the winner of that vote will be the December crab for the 2012 calendar that will go on sale December 2011. This new set up began December 2010.

    Non participation months:

    If there is a month where no photos are entered, random photos will be selected by the CSJ

    admin from previous entries to fill the vacant spots.

    Cover crab:

    The photo for the cover of the annual calendar is also chosen by vote. All of the monthly winners will be entered in the year end voting, including the December winner.


    The winner of Cover Crab is awarded with a free copy of the calendar. Anyone may purchase a copy of their own from our Cafepress store.

    Items featuring individual winners will be available for sale as well. You can request your photo on a specific item by contacting CSJ Admin.


    This is best picture I could get for now. This is Tweety just doing her usual climbing.



    Great pic Pam!


    Thanks Stacy!

    Amber Miner

    Does he make my butt look big? Smallest and largest crabs :)Viola and PP

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    Marnel Rodriguez



    Marnel yours isn’t showing?

    Amber I love your caption!


    From Beth:


    My spider crab E playing on the fishnet

    Marnel Rodriguez


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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