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    For ease of voting please try to do the following:

    Take and post one clear photo of the entire crabitat to be used on the poll.

    Take and post any additional photos you would like to share to highlight features. A link back to the contest thread will be included on the poll so others can browse the additional images.

    Full rules here:

    Crabitat of the Month


    My tank


    Location: UK
    Dimensions of Crabitat: 19.5″ depth, 39″ length, 23″ height
    Volume of Crabitat: 75 gallon
    Description of Substrate: 5 parts play sand and 1 part coco fibre
    Description of Tank Items: Grape log, moss bucket, two untreated log bridges, 2 deep pools (1 salt, 1 fresh), a terracotta pot, plastics vines, 2 spare vine trellis pieces, 1 large piece of mesh across the lid with a really long vine weaved through and left long either end for easy climbing up and down
    Comments: I have 6 crabs in here and I have had 3 successful molters so far. I only got my first hermit crab in September. My most recent addition was the mesh roof and they absolutely love it climb on it all night

    Milo Thomas

    90 gallon 6″ play sand and EE 5 /1 ratio
    2 deep pools with shells, fake plants and perforated plastic in an orange plastic rectangle storage bin on top of a spice rack.( 1 salt and 1 fresh)
    An orange tub with moss and shells on top.
    A long climbing vine wrapped around perimeter of tank. Climbing walls of plastic ferns/succulents. Two climbing vines on each side of tank. A hiding cave on one end. Three plastic leaf trays flipped upside down, one giant leaf section tray, and a small pumpkin tray on the end.

    Julia Malsch

    I think my post disappeared??? So I am reading it

    Location Beaver County PA
    Tank 29 Gallon
    Sub 7 inches deep 5 parts play sand 1 part cocofiber
    Pools with bubbler salt (Instant Ocean) fresh (prime) 4″ paint trays
    Driftwood from lake erie and plants from craft stores/Walmart, calium pit in oyster shell, shell shop, wet moss pit, and dry moss pit in cork log, LPS hermit crab and “crabs at play” sign are my daughters additions
    I got my crabs on my wedding day 9/25/17 and I have just finished the tank

    Shanea Pugh

    90 gallon tat. 8 inch sub. 1.5 gallon saltwater pool. lots of cork, cholla, grapevine, vines, and magnaturals. I choose to change out fresh water daily with food. sea grass hide out along with natural coconut hides. bamboo hanging bridge. glass globe moss pits. I have 3 shell shops. I try to keep them separated by size… try.

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    Chandra S

    Location: Jakarta, Indonesia.

    Size ±180cm x 80cm x 70cm
    Divided into 2 zones:
    -dark sandy area (sand substrate, high humidity and total black out, place to molt)
    -“jungle” theme area (cattapa leaves substrate, a lot of hiding and climbing decoratives, place to eat, drink and play)

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    Location: Virginia, USA
    Volume of crabitat: 30 gallon
    Substrate: 5 parts playsand 1 part eco earth
    Tank items: Coco house, shower caddy shell shop, handmade coco hut made from tupperware and covered, mini paint trays for pools with mesh for no slip and rocks in the bottom, aquarium plants, moss pit, and the food dish is a kids paint tray.
    We started out with just the small plastic house the store sends home with you on vacation. I joined your wonderful groups and learned fast that it was not what they needed. We upgraded to a 10 gallon tank but just had playsand and the colored sand. Learned that was not proper either. Found a great deal on the now 30 gallon tank and I hope we have our crabs a forever home. Everything is new inside. It has been set up about a week. I have ordered it all in the last week and plan to add some climbing branches that run along the back of the tank behind their coco hanging house with vines. If you can see the hydrometer please excuse the low number I had just installed the new pools just before this picture. 🙂


    Jess’s entry

    I have a 55 gallon tank just redone with some awesome cork hides I just recently received.

    Shanea Pugh

    location: Uniontown PA
    Tat dimensions: 48lx18wx24h
    sub: 5-1 sand and eco earth blend 🙂


    Location: Pleasanton, California, USA
    Substrate: 5 parts play sand, 1 part EcoEarth (sub is 8 inches deep)
    Tank: 55 gallon/208 Liters
    Topper: 45.7cm x 45.7cm x 60.9cm (18x18x24 inches)

    There are three moss pits in the topper. Moss pits are plastic shower caddys attached to the corners in topper with 3M Outdoor foam strips, plastic hooks and zip ties to reinforce the suctions cups on the shower caddys. Shower caddys are wrapped in black plastic canvas across the front of each one for easier climbing (attached with 3M outdoor foam strips and plastic hooks). The large Birch branch was purchased at a reptile expo which allows for easy access to topper. I wrapped a jute cord for easier climbing. There is a shell shop just under the ladder (that I made) in the topper. A fresh pool on the right and salt pool on the left. Each pool has an air stone mist bubbler. Stones are glued (with 100% silicone) to the inside surfaces of each pool for easy access in and out as well as plastic plants in each pool. The pool on the right is above the sub so I glued pebbles to the outside surfaces for easy access. All plants are fake. I glued small plastic insects and frogs to the smooth surface of the coconut for easy climbing. Temperature and humidity is stable, no need for fogger. NOTE: the terrarium topper on the right was an experiment, it has since been removed.

    Brandon Webb

    Georgia, USA

    36 x 18 x 16

    40 gallons

    Play sand and eco earth 5-1 ratio

    It has a few oak limbs that were boiled and then baked. It has several fake plants by flukers, eco terra, and zoo med. For the pool I use rubbermaid containers. I also have show caddy and a moss pit. There a 8.5 inch kaytee comfort wheel which they surprisingly enjoy.


    Wow look at all those kick ass crabitats! Good luck to everyone!
    The poll is up and will be open for 7 days. 🙂
    Please bear in mind that we now have international members entering our contests. Their crabitat requirements may differ from what we use here in the USA, especially if the owner lives in a hermit crab’s native region.



    Jennifer is our winner! Congrats!

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