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    Stacy Spangler at Isopod Connection sent me some goodies to try out in the crabitat. She sells some really cool stuff in her store if you want to check it out. I already have two hanging cocohuts (treehouses) and a long wood bridge. Both are holding up quite well in the tank. I think I placed the one hut in a bad spot because no one uses it but they use the other one.

    I’ve already placed the Orchard grass and corn wheel in the tank. The corn was carried off within the first hour. I will post a full review on All Things Crabby when I’ve had a chance to test everything out for a bit.

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    I like it all, I wonder if any my guys would like the corn wheel, mine seem so picky


    Love the Coco Hammocks! What a great idea šŸ˜€

    I should give my hermit crabs some more sweet corn.

    What’s the Orchard Grass?



    Pam my crablets seem to be super picky. They haven’t eaten a single thing I bought from Deliciously Crabby so far but they are going to town on that corn wheel every day.

    Vanessa the Orchard grass is sort of like hay. They have been picking at it too because I am find pieces strewn around.

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