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    Dara Marchica

    Hi everyone! 4 1/2 years ago I had to rehome my crew when I got pregnant with my daughter, I just didn’t have the time they require for proper care. I’m so excited that my daughter showed interest in these awesome critters and we are now planning on setting her up a tank in her room and teaching her about crabs. Obviously with lots of help with me! Before we get them I’ll be setting up everything first and want to do it correctly from the start this time.

    We are planning on just 2 crabs
    20 gallon breeder tank
    UTH heater with rheostat
    Zilla slimline uv light
    Blue moon glow light
    Oolitic sand
    Coconut fiber
    Variety of food from an online shop
    Mister system
    Instant ocean mix
    I’ll be using bottled water so no dechoronaters needed

    Does this all sound right? Has anything changed in the last 4 1/2 years? Is the recommended still 80/80 temp & humidity?
    I think I’ll be ordering 2 violas.

    Thanks for any input and I’m looking forward to being an active member again! I was actually a calender cover winner many years ago!



    Welcome back Dara. The crabstreet journal is a great place to be. It must be exciting for you that your daughter is interested in hermit crabs. What lucky little girl, having a mom with experience and passion for hermit crabs.

    Looks like a good start. If you don’t mind here is what I have on my 40 gallon breeder I just set up about a month ago.

    Approx. 200 pounds of Quickrete play sand (I don’t use eco earth mixed in my sand, just my personal preference.) I prefer Quickrete play sand it is a nice grain. Just my own preference.
    Lots of moss for playing and moss pits
    Regular florescent light strip
    UTH Ultratherm brand
    Mopani wood
    Ghost wood
    Cork bark
    Kent or Instant ocean ( I currently using Kent marine reef crystals)
    I really not sure you might need a uv light, but then I could be wrong.
    Don’t for get the thermometer and hygrometer
    Here is a link to the newbies guide on here. This could answer more questions for you.

    The Newbies Guide to Hermit Crabs

    So once again glad you are back and hope you have a great time setting up your new crabitat!!

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    Dara Marchica

    It’s started! Brought up the 20 gallon breeder & cleaned it today. The humidity system came & I just ordered a combination hood. Oh! And these cool mushroom ledges from zoo med! I’m mad that I can’t find my old shells. I also made sure that I’ll be able to arrange shipping on the crabs for a Wednesday delivery so I’ll be off work and can pick them up from the post office as soon as they open.



    How exciting! Welcome back 🙂

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