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    My big female Cray was doing something silly the other day. I noticed that she was sitting on the cork bark tile (I use it for a second level) and picking off chunks, and letting it fall to the bottom of the tank. She usually picks it off, and eats it. There were big chunks of it in the corner of the tank the day before, and I was wondering why it was there. So, she is just sitting there, looking at me, and picking off on big piece at a time, and letting it fall beneath her. She kept doing it for 20 min. I guess even hermit crabs can get bored! Why doesn’t she clean the tank? Wipe the sides, clean the poop, do a little house cleaning!


    I think that would be a well-trained hermit crab that cleans the tank!

    Sounds like Jeppy – my second hermit crab. He used to rip bits of driftwood off for no apparent reason. I guess I would get a little bored being too if I was a hermit crab.

    Cray is Cray Cray lol

    John Alpaugh

    They get bored. They like to play. They get depressed. They get lonely. The sure can get mad. They know my voice and smell. They are happy to see me.

    Maybe I am the one with OCD. BUT what I say is true. I will swear to it all the way to the mental health center.


    I’m constantly amazed by how high up they manage to smear the tank glass. A long time ago I gave up trying to keep it spotless. Now I clean the glass when I want some pics.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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