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    Some of our Indonesian friends were featured on national TV!

    Rizky Perdana Chandra Putranto shared a link.

    Kelomang Lovers Indonesia on national TV.

    Video highlights

    0:40 Narrator intro to hermit crabs, general and detailed info on biology.

    3:15 Narrator on how people are usually exposed to hermit crabs as pets and intro to Kelomang Lovers Indonesia.

    4:20 KLI Admin and Co-founder Daniel Roberto Soemarno on history of KLI.

    5:05 Narrator on KLI’s motivation and purpose (education and conservation).

    5:24 What Daniel, Felix J. Wang want people to see hermit crabs as : exotic animals and should be treated as such.

    5:50 Details on the FB group and how to join.

    6:19 Daniel and Felix more on the FB group.

    8:18 Daniel & myself on how KLI has chapters in other places like Bali and what have they done to educate and conserve hermit crabs.

    9:20 Narrator, Daniel, Felix on the challenges facing KLI.

    10:25 Narrator rattling off the names of some species of land hermit crab.

    10:59 Felix on the habitat and more detailed info on C. brevimanus, C. cavipes, C. lila, C.perlatus, C. rugosus, and C. violascens including a shoutout to Dr. Dwi Listyo Rahayu, the Indonesian scientist who described C. lila in 2016 with Shih & Ng.

    (It’s worth noting that a few short decades ago the very place we filmed the show on was abundant with mangrove and therefore was teeming wih C. violascens, C. rugosus, and possibly C. brevimanus and C. perlatus. Now it’s totally developed, wiping out the mangroves and most of the wildlife there.)

    15:25 Crab care, food, hydration, enclosure with Daniel, Felix and Adhimas Surya Handityas

    19:20 Narrator on the rewards, satisfaction, and nostalgic value of keeping hermit crabs, with additional commentary from Daniel, Adhimas and me.

    21:50 Price range of hermit crabs, from the cheapest C. rugosus to the biggest XXL C.brevimanus wearing rare shells.

    23:45 Hopes for the future of KLI and hermit crabs in general, including society’s perspective on the crabs, proliferation of correct care and conservation. (I mentioned captive-breeding but they cut that part out. Drat! 😅)

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