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    I had this cute little graphic created and I would like to put it on a t-shirt/mugs etc on the Cafepress store.
    I feel like it needs text about throw away pets or something?

    Please do not post or share this image anywhere else until you have seen me do so publically. Thanks!

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    Robin Barnard

    I like it especially the wild haired individual at the bottom but that all depends on weather or not he gets his woman angry with him then his chances go down hill after that one

    Anne Grady

    I’d love it. Not easy to get everything you want on one graphic, but I agree it needs a statement to catch the eye. I’d love it, as is, on a big mug. I am not creative, but maybe a big crab on the back that says “I am not a throw away pet!”

    I am taking my Crab Street Messenger bag to Disney. I need a bigger bag for there and it’s a perfect size!


    I will answer in a sec, I am laughing at what Robin said about the wild haired individual! Funny! I have to agree with Anne, I like the not being a throw away pet.


    I laughed out loud at Robin’s comment too!

    Anne do you want a crab hat instead of Mickey ears to wear? 😛


    I like it!! FINALLY I can comment


    Yah!!! Get ta pinnin’!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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