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    Hello, my name is Simon!
    I have been keeping hermit crabs for three years, and have nine hermit crabs in a 55 gallon with a 20 gallon topper. I started with a ten gallon tank and then upgraded to a 25 gallon tank, now I have the 55 with the topper! I am putting pictures of my tank up on here because I want people to see it, it’s a favorite thing of mine in the entire house, my hermit crabs are my peace.
    We worked very hard to get to this point where I am now, it’s a really big accomplishment for me, and the crabs love it too πŸ™‚

    Here are the photos of the tank! πŸ™‚

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    I decided to do redecorating today, all of the crabs had been up so I went for it.
    Took them all out and placed them into a large plastic tote bin with a towel on the bottom, which was sprayed with dechlorinated fw for humidity.
    I finally got done after about two hours, and am so tired for the day!

    The tank looks wonderful, a large chunk of grapewood was cleared out of the way, and new things have been added.
    – oyster shell on the sub
    – deeper pools
    – barnacles and florida rocks
    – shell shop moved to topper


    Very nice setup.


    it looks really nice! It’s so much fun to decorate πŸ™‚


    Thanks, Stacy!
    It was fun, this one was probably the most fun to do out of all my tank decorations.
    I do have some sheet moss and leaf litter planned to be put into the tank.

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