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    Please give me a review of my crabitat. (P.S please excuse the hunger games poster in the back. I really need to get a background. 😂) the plastic thing on the right in the back is the pools- freshwater on one side saltwater on the other. In the bottom left hand corner is a moss pit where all of my crabs are currently hiding out. Not sure if it is visible in this picture, but there is a shell shop with tons of shells behind the rock structure. Humidity- 80-90%. Temp- 71 F

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    Its lovely and spacious 🙂 How many crabs do you have?



    Welcome! What a nice roomy tank!

    You are off to a great start but I do see two items that could be problematic.

    Your temperature is too low for your crabbies to survive long term. The absolute minimum is 72F and they are happier at closer to 80F. I think your heat mat is the wrong size for your tank but if you insulate it the temperature should come up.

    Your substrate looks to be only eco earth and that is not safe. Your primary substrate should be play sand with a little bit of eco earth mixed in to hold moisture.

    How many crabs do you have?

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