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    My new tiny hermit crab has been changing his shell every other day, almost………..he lived in a wire cage for about three years, and I begged the owners to let me take him.  Finally, they agreed.  Now he is trying on shells like crazy, buyers remorse every single time!  All types of shells, turbo, muffin, 10 different types, all with different size openings.  This crab is on a mission, to try on as many shells as he can!  Changes into one, goes back to another, then the same one he had on a few days ago………..I know some crabs do this switcheroo thing, but he just takes it to another level!  I am glad he has many to choose from, and the kind of home he deserves, he is one tough little crab, he survived 3 years in a wire cage, wrong food,  tap water, gravel on the bottom………now he has everything he needs for a healthy happy life.  If he was a female, I think I might change the crab’s name to “Shelly”…………


    Wow I’ve never heard of a hermit crab doing that before!!!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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