CSJ and LHCOS is proud to announce the addition of a new Local Representative to our team!

Heather K. joins the team from North Carolina. She is our second Local Representative in NC.

Meet Heather:

“I started Crabbing when I was around 8 years old and was given the general information that most pet stores/ beach shops give.  I had 2 hermit crabs that passed on after about a year.  Then 2 years ago, I got my son his first hermit crab from the beach shop and the crab unfortunately dropped all of his limbs and passed the next day.  I then began to research and found out everything I did as a kid was all wrong.  My siblings and I had all the wrong info with our crabs.  My 12 year old son and I then made it our mission to provide a correct environment for our crabs and we started up a 10 gallon tank with 1 small and one almost medium crabby baby.  Around this time, I joined LHCOS and learned a lot more.  We upgraded to a 20 gallon long and added a third.  She came to us missing one leg and had a broken small claw but we were determined to rehabilitate her.  My son and I upgraded the living environment with all the needed things for a good environment and our crabs have thrived.  Our disabled crab successfully molted herself a new small claw and a new leg and has since molted twice more.  The other two crabs have also molted a couple times and are doing great.  We recently upgraded them to a 40 gal tank and we added a 4th baby to the mix whom I rescued.  We currently have 3 PP and 1 E.  The 20 long is a secondary iso tank for use when needed.  This has been a great thing to do with my son and we both enjoy it so much!”