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    Amanda Barteck

    VANESSA! I am new here and I started reading the intros and I was reading yours and I’m reading and I come across your challenges and I’m like… I have that too. I HAVE THAT TOO! Yeah we both belong where it’s hot huh, just like crabs! My pan-hypo-pit is the result of an equally unknown disorder called (ready?) septo-optic dysplasia. Which basically means the glands don’t work, my brain’s halves are an old married couple and don’t talk to each other sometimes, I have a touch of autism, and I’m blind in one eye. To name a few. it ain’t gonna slow me down any, unless of course it’s cold in my room and I have to get up. lol!

    I’m so sorry; I had to get that out. I have a greeting post that I made before I read this introductory thread. I can link it after it shows up on the site. I generally have bad luck with computers so it’s not surprising I can’t find it lol!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)