• I have a water fountain to install, and I need 6 more bricks of eco-earth. I also need to make some pools. I’m contemplating putting a 14″ hamster wheel in also.
    I still need to do some trim work on the enclosure and make solid doors.
    I’m also planning on putting an iso tank in the storage area below. The iso tank will have its own controller for…[Read more]

  • Well I’ve made some progress.
    All the spray foam is covered with flex seal and coconut fiber.
    Finished the enclosure.
    Drilled holes in the top, for the ceramic heat emitter and hygrotherm controller.
    Installed an 18″ Uvb fluorescent.
    Hung up some silk vines.
    Dropped about 250lbs of substrate in, and 4 gallons of dechlorinated water.

    I’ve let…[Read more]

  • Sorry I haven’t been updating this thread. Work has been crazy, low interest rates make for busy carpenters, lol. I’ve made some progress, on the crabitat. I cut out all the little “caves”. I added a big branch and made a platform on the backside. I’m made a track for sliding glass doors. I’m using the terrarium cork background flats to make a…[Read more]

  • So this is a pic of the crabitat. I drew in where the substrate will be. I did some spray foam hides, but I think I’m going to cut them out.
    I have egg crate screwed to the plywood as extra support for the sprayfoam. At $16 a for a 4’x2′ sheet, I used two sheets and only did the lower section. Seems to be on there pretty good.
    I haven’t had time…[Read more]

  • I contemplated the wood enclosure for a while, and how to deal with the moisture. I considered resins and epoxys, the kind they use for plywood aquariums, but it seemed too expensive.
    Im feeling confident that covering the entire wood surface with spray foam will prevent any moisture damage, and increase the R-value. Adding a coat of the flex…[Read more]

  • On to the plan.

    I’m building a 6′ tall, 4′ wide, and 2′ deep unit. out of alder plywood. The bottom 2 feet will have a storage cabinet to hide all the crab supplies. the top 4 feet will be the crabitat.

    The bottom of the crabitat will be 1.5″ thick to support the weight of the 10″ of substrate.

    I’m using spray foam to create the hiding spots,…[Read more]

  • Here is my current set up. Substrate is eco earth/playsand and is 4.5″ at deep end. I have a large fresh water and saltwater pool with air stones. temp is around 80 degrees during the day cycle and 75 during the night cycle. humidity fluctuates between 70% and 90%, but generally around 80%.

    This setup is lacking substrate depth, climbing area,…[Read more]

  • So I’m 3 months into owning crabs. I honestly can’t stand the small amount of space my crabs have to live in. not to mention how drab and boring it is to look at, and its kinda ghetto. So I’m a 3rd generation finish carpenter, I’m a shade tree mechanic, a 4×4 enthusiast, and i love a new project! So with some research and some input from the crab…[Read more]

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