• Jonathan started eating the greensand right away and the next day spent four hours munching on fresh, new worm castings. He’s been on a diet ever since! Jon and his mom told Stacy how grateful we were to receive such a generous box of sample foods that he’s not had before. Soon he will be sampling some other new goodies!

    And thanks, Pam, for your…[Read more]

  • Beth, I don’t know why your emails don’t go through to me…well, some of them did and I replied to a number of them about the sea shells.

    Haven’t seen those crab hamster wheels. Jon would be too big for that now, but fun to see yours. I am interested in “green sand.” I presume that’s a food. Jon needs something new to eat. Where do you get…[Read more]

  • Stacy, the rather long reply I wrote didn’t go through and now I’ve lost it. Will write again soon as I get the time. My most recent photos of Jonathan are on my iPad and I don’t know anymore how to send photos here, or even to add a photo of me. This site has made some great changes–a store, much informations, lots of photos, etc. Thanks for…[Read more]

  • I tried again to reply but get this message: ERROR: Your reply cannot be created at this time. Can you help me here?

    Thanks, Carol Ann

  • I tried to reply, but it said I couldn’t because of an error. Oh my, just when I got on here.

    Carol Ann

  • Hi Crab Friends,

    Some of you may remember me. I went by Carol of Crabworks for years, now just using my regular address. I helped name this group and assisted in running the group it split off from.

    Just wanted to tell you that Jonathan has been in my care for 40 1/2 years! He is full of pep, runs all around my apartment, follows me around too.…[Read more]

  • Carol Ann Ormes became a registered member 3 years, 1 month ago

    • Hi Carol, so glad you came back! I am sorry, but I am having a problem with the email, it will not go through. You can get in touch we me at Hermitcrabcrusaders@gmail. I am so excited! The sizes you mentioned would be perfect! Thank you so much Carol!

      • It will be an honor for my crabs to wear Jon’s hand me downs! I have 7 crabs, 4 small adoptions, I will have them a year next week. One big female and two medium males. Cray is with me 6 1/2 years, Tiny 6 years and Patchy 5 years. I am the local rep of CSJ for Philadelphia Pa. I am an advocate too, I go down the shore and hand out info sheets…[Read more]

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