• Update on the black gnat issue:
    I did a complete substrate change.
    I removed all of the shells for a short time. I discovered the gnats were living inside some of the shells. Ugh.
    I gave each hermit crab a bath because the gnats were in their shells as well.
    I put a new lid on the tank.
    I surrounded the outside of the tank with fly tape. (Yes,…[Read more]

  • Has anyone dealt with gnat infestations of their tanks?
    My 50-gallon hermit crab tank is INFESTED with black gnats. I use Eco Earth and sand for the substrate. However, I mixed in some hay substrate for fun… but that was a mistake. Also, my tank’s lid is inadequate to keep out flying bugs.

    I noticed the gnats about a year ago and I did…[Read more]

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