Amber’s Crabby-tine Cookies

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Crab & Lobster

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Dandelion Leaf

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Flax seed

Organic roasted flax seed

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Greensand is a must have staple for all hermit crabs

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Organic and Non GMO Verified raw hempseed

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Organic Non GMO Verified dried Hibiscus

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Organic Egg Shells

Several of my family members raise chickens and save shells for me. These are as organic as you can get!

Not everyone likes to eat eggs so I figured I would offer some shells as prizes since hermit crabs love them so much.

You get one 3X3 inch bag.

[caption id="attachment_197" align="alignleft" width="169"]Organic egg shells Organic egg shells[/caption]

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Oyster Shells Crushed

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Pop Out Phone Stand

I love hermit crabs pop out phone stand/handleRead More →