Petstore Directory

This is a listing of online or brick and mortar stores that sell hermit crab related items.

Any store marked ‘Approved’ has been through the LHCOS application process and passed our review. You can shop with these stores with full confidence everything they offer is safe and follows LHCOS recommendations.

Other stores may sell items that are questionable or unsafe but also have good prices or a varied selection. Please use your best judgement when shopping or ask one of our members for assistance!

To have your store listed here please contact us at with your store logo attached.

  • Graphic size minimum 200X200 to display properly.
  • Square logo graphics are preferred.

This directory is for informational purposes only.

Stores are not required to pay for a listing here.

Stores may be included or excluded at our discretion.

LHCOS also has created a Google Document that you can use for easy reference: Where to Buy Hermit Crab Supplies