The shelves are full again!

No more room on the shelves!

We are overflowing with inventory!  Several new products are now in after consulting with LHCOS Local Rep Amber about some high impact foods. I think you guys will be excited to see so many color boosting options available. To make it easier to find the product you want I’ve updated the categories and enabled a tag cloud. Click the Product Tag Color Enhancer or click the Category for carotenoids in the side bar to see all the products that will boost your hermit crab’s color.

Dandelion leaf will be in stock this coming week.

I am working on the hickory I foraged a couple months ago. I have some small twig, leaves and hickory nuts.

Some products that have been out of stock for a bit are back. I also found some more oak leaves! So long as they dry out well I should have enough stock for several more months.

I’ve taken the variety packs off line while I reconfigure them. I want them to more nutritionally complete for you guys.

Last but not least! Amber is sending me some original cookies she created so that I can give them away in February. Likely there will be a minimum purchase to receive one as they will be limited and once they are gone, that’s it!  That will be announced on social media.

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