Hermit Crab Food Variety Pack – Small

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Hermit Crab Food Variety Pack.

Great starter diet.

Priority Shipping is now included in the item price.

Our variety packs cover all key food groups and are a great foundation for a healthy feeding routine.


Hermit Crab Food Variety Pack

  • Great starter diet.
  • Priority Shipping is now included in the item price.
  • Our variety packs cover all key food groups and are a great foundation for a healthy feeding routine.
  • Supplement with fruits, vegetables and animal proteins.

Our small variety pack includes one each of the following items as a balanced diet consisting of key food groups:

  • 1 lb bag of worm castings – Staple food – nutrient rich
  • 1 oz bag Insect Frass –  Staple food – nutrient rich similar to greensand
  • 1.5 oz bag of White, Red, Mixed Quinoa (Depending on inventory on hand) – Calcium, Protein and lipids
  • 1 oz bag of Chia seeds – Protein and lipids, Carbohydrates, Omegas, Calcium
  • 1.5 oz bag Crab & Lobster shell – Carotenoids, zeaxanthin, cellulose (color enhancer), Chitin
  • 1 oz bag of Crushed Oyster Shells – Calcium

Additional information

Weight 25 oz
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 5 in

35 reviews for Hermit Crab Food Variety Pack – Small

  1. valoriehunt (verified owner)

    My first crab food order online but all the pkgs look fresh and tasty!

  2. shorty1986317

    My hermit crabs love there food thank you for everything ???? Will be ordering very very soon ?will have to get the medium package they love there food ??

  3. Chelsea Siler (verified owner)

    Before I could never catch my crabs eating.. now I catch them all the time!! They love it!!

    • Stacy (store manager)


  4. Beth Snyder (verified owner)

    Everything your crab could want, nutritional too.

  5. Patricia Gillham (verified owner)

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Awesome for beginners!

  7. Carrie Schweikart (verified owner)

    Love the variety! We’ve never had plants in our tank and now we have chia. It grew so fast and we love the addition. Still waiting to see how our crabbies like it.

  8. Skye Cockman (verified owner)

    Came very quickly! Was very surprised to see it in my mail box so quickly. Feel like I got a lot for my money. Haven’t gotten my crabs yet, but am hopeful they will love it!

  9. Addy Alanis (verified owner)

    Great products!

  10. rthomasson (verified owner)

    Great pack to try out to see how they like it.

  11. Helena Tekdogan (verified owner)

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    my crabs love love love this food ❤️❤️❤️ definitely ordering again

  13. Amber Arias (verified owner)

    If you don’t know what do get your crabs start with this! My crabs go nuts for the worm casings and green sand.

  14. Zea L. (verified owner)

    SUPER EXCITED to receive this set I ordered! Idk who loves it more, me or my crabs. So far everything that I’ve opened they like. Will definitely buy again.

  15. Ben (verified owner)

  16. tonya lockhart (verified owner)

    Great package was very happy

  17. Ivette Briones (verified owner)

  18. Blake's Account (verified owner)

    Excellent pack of full of nutrients that the crabs love! I keep the greensand, worm castings, and crab and lobster shell all in a container I keep filled and the crabs have been demolishing it!

  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great well rounded package!

  20. Ashley Hisle (verified owner)

    I loved getting this and checking it all out. for the price you get a lot of stuff. I went with this small pack bc the others were sold out at the time I was buying. Also very fast shipping

  21. Samantha z. (verified owner)

    My babys i have been having a field day

  22. Anonymous (verified owner)

    it has lots of natural food that you cant find in pet stores – Teddy Benson

  23. Ellen (verified owner)

    Wonderful packed well… Crabs love it…much thanks

  24. deb lerdon (verified owner)

    The food was packaged perfectly and the hermies love it. It was just what we needed. Shipping was super fast. Love the added fun things you included. I highly recommend and I am so thankful for all their knowledge and help with how to help our hermies thrive!! Highly recommend!!!??

  25. Bobbie Walker (verified owner)

    My babies LOVE their new food!!

  26. Rosa Allen (verified owner)

    Shipping and packaging was excellent. And the crabbies loved it.

  27. Bobbie W. (verified owner)

    Always awesome

  28. Stacey McRea (verified owner)

    This was so much more food than I had anticipated and will last me for quite a while. It’s so fun to see my crabs try new things. They go crazy for the greensand. Can’t wait to try some other products in the future. Also, came super quickly in the mail.

  29. Gary Endress Jr. (verified owner)

    Didn’t get a tracking No. but product arrived day after I sent an e-mail. Very happy with products and response
    Thank you Stacy!

  30. kristicameron (verified owner)

    Mr Crabby gives this sampler pack a big claw up!

  31. Rhonda (verified owner)

    My crabs are uninterested in the greensand and worm castings, unless they sneak into the designated dish very rarely and leave no trace of disturbance. That’s the only reason I gave four stars instead of five. However, they love the quinoa and lobster/crab shell and also are interested in oyster shell.

  32. Savannah Slayton (verified owner)

  33. Carol (verified owner)

    Excellent starter group of food to figure out what we like!

  34. tksllrl (verified owner)

    These are the best, they are eating it. Seems to be much better than other hermit crab food that I have used. Wish I had known about your food products sooner.

  35. edana dowdy (verified owner)

    This variety pack is a life saver for me and my hermit crabs they love it. Thank you so much for having these!!!

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