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2022 Calendar Cover Vote Off

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Professor Pinchy’s Puzzle Emporium

Professor Pinchy’s Puzzle Emporium brings unique enrichment products to your hermit crab habitat.

A Holiday Feast for Hermit Crabs

REMEMBER NO SEASONINGS OR ADDED SUGAR Safe to feed: Turkey (chicken, quail duck) – all parts, raw or cooked. Save the neck and giblet bag for the crabs! Turkey bones (Crack them open so they can get at the marrow). Potatoes – any type, raw or cooked. No eyes or green parts of the peel. Veggies raw or cooked (no onions or garlic). Dark leafy greens must be cooked first to reduce oxalic acid content. Nuts ground, whole, chunks. Eggs – all parts, raw or cooked. Fruits Sour fruit will not be eaten (for example: they will not eat lemon) Oils pure and cold pressed

My Hungry Hermit WHAT IS IT? “Fresh & Foraged Foods for Land Hermit Crabs” is a reference guide with an extensive listing of safe foods and items to introduce to a crabitat, as well as a section addressing things that are unknown or typically considered unsafe.