CSJ Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest

Sabraka Crab O'Lantern
Sabraka Crab O’Lantern-
The inspiration for the annual contest

It’s that time of year again! Time to show off your mad pumpkin carving skills to come up with your very own crab-o-lantern.

So what do you do?

First you need to plan out a hermit crab related design for your pumpkin.

Then you create it. Carve, sculpt, paint, build… if you can dream it and it involves a pumpkin and a hermit crab, it qualifies!

Now take a photo of it!

Locate the proper forum post (thread) on the contest forum.

Reply on that post with your photos of your crab-o-lantern. There is an 8MB upload limit. If your photo(s) is too large you can Email Us

Be sure to include your name and username in the body of the email so I know who you are.

You can enter more than one design if you are that ambitious.

The pumpkin should be created and designed by YOU. (Stencils are ok but no stealing photos from the internet and entering them as your own work, that’s just not nice).

At the end of October we will place all the entries up for a vote like always and let the members pick the winner.

If you aren’t registered on the forums you will be required to sign up to enter the contest, but it’s free to sign up.

What is the prize?

2021 prize will be your choice of shirt from the CSJ Market OR a color copy of The Choya Log a hermit crab husbandry log book created by Stacy Griffith specifically for tracking hermit crab behaviors, nutrition, habitat environment, carpal setal patterns, shell changes and anything else you can think of!


Previous winners: