Adoption Program Beta

Welcome to the Land Hermit Crab Owners Society beta test of our new hermit crab adoption program! We are hoping this process will be a little more efficient for everyone.…


So you want to buy a hermit crab?

Written by Stacy Griffith and originally published on All Things Hermit crabsNow that you’ve decided that a hermit crab is the pet for you, it’s time to make sure…


FAQ Locating an Escaped Hermit Crab

Written by Marie Davis Ebbie the compressus climbed the thermometer On occasions one may find that when they do an antenna count they seem to be missing a hermit crab?…


Hermit Crab Essentials Shopping Checklist

Originally written by Vanessa Pike-Russell Download this shopping list at the bottom of the article Hermit crabs are advertised as cheap and easy to maintain, which is not necessarily true.…


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Land Hermit Crab Shell Guide

Wee wants to be big so bad

A hermit crab’s shell is his home and his protection from predators and desiccation. Hermit crabs take up residence in discarded shells and can not make their own shell. When kept as pets it is important that you choose suitable shells for your hermit crab. Provide 3-5 suitable shells per hermit crab. Shells can be…

Correction: Feeding Guide


Please be advised that there is an error on the printable feeding guide. The version on the website has been updated. Please update your copy. REMOVE CANOLA OIL.  Canola oil is not safe.  We apologize for the error.