CSJ and LHCOS is proud to announce the addition of a new Local Representative to our team! Heather K. joins the team from North Carolina. She is our second Local Representative in NC. Meet Heather: “I started Crabbing when I was around 8 years old and was given the general information that most pet stores/ beach shops give.  I had 2 hermit crabs that passed on after about a year.  Then 2 years ago, I got my son his first hermit crab from the beach shop and the crab unfortunately dropped all of his limbs and passed the next day.  I then began to research andRead More →

I could not be more proud to announce that our team continues to grow! Two more amazing folks have joined our team. Please join me in a warm, crabby welcome for our newest Local Reps!! First up is Sara from Ontario. That means if you live in Ontario, she is your local rep. Given the size of Canadian provinces it is a bit challenging for one person to effectively cover the entire region but our folks will do their best to help you find local resources. “I live in Ottawa, Ontario. I’m a mother of two crazy kids and 6 crabs! There isn’t much IRead More →