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We’re collecting some info to help us plan Crab Con 2021! If you plan to attend please answer this brief survey: More →

(Photo credit: Sherri Werdebaugh.) Calling all US AND INTERNATIONAL MEMBERS who want captive bred babies. I am working with an international wholesaler of captive-bred Caribbean reef fish (ORA) who is interested in carrying MY captive-bred babies. If you live in the US OR live overseas, and have been wishing you could get your hands on some of my babies, I need your help! If you have a local saltwater fish store, or a pet store that carries saltwater fish, would you please contact them and tell them you’ve heard that ORA is going to be carrying captive-bred babies and you want to get on theRead More →

CSJ will be discontinuing the Crabitat of the Month contest due to lack of interest. July is the last month for COTM. LHCOS will be launching a new monthly contest so be sure to check that out! Calendar Crab will continue as normal.Read More →

Help us spread our message! Most hermit crabs are purchased as a beach vacation souvenir from a shop that does not provide any care information. Some of these new owners find their way to our community and get the help they need. All of them are shocked, many feel duped and angry that they were not informed of the true expense of keeping hermit crabs. Imagine when they discover that a hermit crab’s life span rivals humans. So how can we reach these folks before they make a purchase? An ad on the boardwalk! A fun but educational and informative ad to quickly drop someRead More →