Voting is now closed! It was a very close contest but Curtis is our winner!!! THIS POLL BROKE AFTER A COUPLE DAYS SO WE ARE STARTING THE VOTE OVER. Please vote in this poll by 11/15/2020: Please view the contest entry forum to see additional photos of the entries. More photosRead More →

THE POLL BELOW IS BROKEN SO WE HAVE A BACKUP VOTE NOW: Use the photos below but cast your vote here by 11/15/2020: Please vote ONE time. Due to the photos being different dimensions it’s challenging to get them to show up without distortion. For best viewing click the links provided below to view the original photos. Original photos of Calendar Crabs are here.Read More →

CSJ will be discontinuing the Crabitat of the Month contest due to lack of interest. July is the last month for COTM. LHCOS will be launching a new monthly contest so be sure to check that out! Calendar Crab will continue as normal.Read More →