Yah for two more Local Reps!

Watch us grow!!

Mike and Melissa are joining us from Florida. They plan business and family trips around hermit crab adoptions they find on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace (among others). Their largest rescue was 33 crabs from Naples who were all in painted shells. Recently the last to change is now in a natural shell! They not only rescue hermit crabs, but also work hands on helping others set up proper crabitats. One was for a Kindergarten class that they set up with the perfect crabitat and some hermit crabs for the children to enjoy. Michael works with the Reddit community to promote proper land hermit crab care. Melissa loves oddball hermit crab items to decorate with from wall art to unusual knick knacks they find along the way. Please raise your claws high and welcome Mike and Melissa to the team!