Welcome new Local Representative Jeanne!

Another new addition!! Welcome Jeanne S. to the local reps program! Jeanne will be covering her region of West Virginia, USA. Jeanne joined our group and immediately fit right in. She is eager to help and usually one of the first to welcome a new member to the group. We are excited to have her on the team!

I asked Jeanne for a little introduction…

“My son wanted a pet in 1988 so my in-laws got us a hermit crab . Herman lived 3 months in a critter keeper I saved his shell . Still have it. Flash forward to 2005, a friend went to Florida and brought me back two hermit crabs . This time I searched the internet and they did ok but ran away. I tried again in 2006 – 2007 this time my crabs did well with a sealed lid and a bubbler for their water and 3 inches of pink play sand, poor crabs. In 2016 I was worried about my last 2 crabs now 9 years with me and found LHCOS .My crabs have never been so happy and I love this group. I now have 3 tanks and 15 crabs mostly gifts and rescues.”