I could not be more proud to announce that our team continues to grow! Two more amazing folks have joined our team. Please join me in a warm, crabby welcome for our newest Local Reps!!

First up is Sara from Ontario. That means if you live in Ontario, she is your local rep. Given the size of Canadian provinces it is a bit challenging for one person to effectively cover the entire region but our folks will do their best to help you find local resources.

“I live in Ottawa, Ontario. I’m a mother of two crazy kids and 6 crabs!

There isn’t much I don’t like doing… I enjoy meeting new people and good conversations.

I started my hermit crab journey back in 2011 when I was in South Carolina and saw this huge metal cage with all these hermit crabs inside. Like everyone, I felt bad and purchased one and smuggled it home to Canada. Then I found out the pet store sold them too. Purchased another!

The little one I got from the South didn’t make it past a month. I felt so guilty and didn’t buy anymore. The one I had left is still with me to this day! My little buddy Whiskey.

Around Jan 2018, I had a flood. Decided to search Facebook and found this group. Checked out CSJ and knew that this was the ultimate source to get help. Everything got a revamp and a huge upgrade. Then, of course, more crabs!

I truly enjoy helping people and I want to give back to this group and the crabs by doing my part to help advocate and educate.”

Our second new team member is Mary. She comes to us from NW New York state. If you live in her region, she is your Local Rep!

“Mary met her first hermit crab in Florida in the 1990s and fell in love. When the military moved her family two years later, she surrendered her hermits to a neighbor, but the fascination remained, quietly dormant, yet festering. Later, she lived in the Turks and Caicos islands AMONG the wild hermit crabs and listened to the rattle of their shells as they came out to scavenge for food and water as the sun went down. Many years later, after her children had grown and gone, a friend’s daughter no longer wanted her last remaining hermit crab and the festering fascination returned, with a vengeance. She saved that crabby, acquired a few more, found LHCOS online, upgraded to a 55-gallon tank, then a 120 tall, and now she spends way too much time and money and angst trying to breed Caribbean hermit crabs and bring babies successfully to land in the hopes that some day all pet hermit crabs won’t have to be harvested from their wild homes.”