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Most hermit crabs are purchased as a beach vacation souvenir from a shop that does not provide any care information. Some of these new owners find their way to our community and get the help they need. All of them are shocked, many feel duped and angry that they were not informed of the true expense of keeping hermit crabs. Imagine when they discover that a hermit crab’s life span rivals humans.

So how can we reach these folks before they make a purchase? An ad on the boardwalk! A fun but educational and informative ad to quickly drop some facts to consider prior to purchasing a vacation crab.

We have selected WildWood NJ’s boardwalk for our first ad. Our ad will run for 8-9 months

We need your help! We are asking for donations to cover the expense of the ad and for creating the ad itself. Whatever you can donate will help. We hope to have the money by March 2020. If we don’t raise the full amount we will opt for smaller ads that will run for a shorter time.

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Why you shouldn’t buy a hermit crab on vacation.

An article from 2000:

“Now, the Huelsenbecks say, they sell more than a million of the little crabs and their shells every year.”

That’s ONE wholesaler. ONE. 19 million crabs from that one wholesaler since it was written.

Most of those crabs die, as we all know. This is not sustainable. A prime example of why captive breeding is an important part of wild population conservation.