(Photo credit: Sherri Werdebaugh.)

Calling all US AND INTERNATIONAL MEMBERS who want captive bred babies. I am working with an international wholesaler of captive-bred Caribbean reef fish (ORA) who is interested in carrying MY captive-bred babies. If you live in the US OR live overseas, and have been wishing you could get your hands on some of my babies, I need your help! If you have a local saltwater fish store, or a pet store that carries saltwater fish, would you please contact them and tell them you’ve heard that ORA is going to be carrying captive-bred babies and you want to get on the list? I’m trying hard to convince ORA that there would be demand for the babies. Actually, even if you are located in the US, you can ask your local reef fish store if they can/do get fish from ORA. If they do, ask if they can also get you captive-bred hermits from ORA. Anything we can do to get the word out that this is possible and that there IS demand, would really help make my case. ORA is a very reputable dealer and is super interested in the ethics of captive-bred individuals and preserving wild animals in the wild. They ship LIVE FISH–fragile reef fish–so I know they would ship live hermits carefully and successfully. They are located in Fort Pierce, FL, and are willing to work with me to make sure everything is done correctly and with a minimum of stress on the animals.So….my wonderful crabby posse, can you help me? This only works if we can take captive-breeding to the next level, where they are available from ethical pet stores, with a global reach. I need folks to start asking their local saltwater fish stores if they can request captive-bred hermits from ORA. (Ocean, Reefs, and Aquariums….I’ll post a link, so you can see their great setup. I would LOVE to work with them.) https://www.orafarm.com/They are also on Facebook. Please like them and then post that you heard they might be carrying captive-bred hermit crabs soon and you are very interested. (Even if you aren’t, lol. It helps the cause!) https://www.facebook.com/orafarm/