Ask Milo – Can two different size hermit crabs live together?

Froggy Kisses writes:
Dear Milo , My crab Crab Cakes has sadly passed away recently and my other crab Sebastion seems depressed . My sister also has a crab but he is about 10 times larger than Sebastion . Will her crab Bam Bam hurt Sebastion ? And besides him interacting with Bam Bam is there anything I can do to help ?
Dear Froggy Kisses,
I am so sorry to hear about your Crab Cakes dying. 🙁 While some people may disagree there is no reason a large crab would harm a small crab. Think about how hermit crab gather in huge groups in the wild… we don’t separate ourselves into colonies based on size! We all hang out together and Sebastion and Bam Bam can definitely be friends.  Hermit crabs are not true hermits and absolutely enjoy the company of other hermit crabs so long as there is enough space in the tank for everyone.
Your friend in a pinch,