Hermit Crab Oreo Vacation Cookie

If you are going to be away on vacation these cookies are an easy way to provide your hermit crabs enough food until you return.  In addition to offering a Hermit Crab Oreo Vacation cookie I suggest sprinkling your crabitat with some dried foods. This will encourage foraging and offer lots of different foods at once. Dried flowers, grains, seeds, egg shells, nuts and mealworms are all ideal dried foods.  I recommend that greensand and worm castings be available in your tank pretty much all of the time. You can cycle them out for a day or two if your crabs completely refuse other foods.


2 TBL Peanut butter (natural with no added salt, sugar, preservatives)

4 TSP Seeds and/or grains (use any mixture you want)

1 TSP Flax seed milled

1 TSP Bone meal powder (substitute any comparable calcium powder)



Mix the seeds into the peanut butter until well mixed

Mix the flax into the peanut butter mixture until well mixed, it should be thicker consistency now

Gently mix in the bone meal powder

Separate the mix into three 2 inch portions

Sprinkle worm castings on a paper plate and press the portions into flat patties on the castings. Then gently begin to shape in a ball while rolling in the worm castings to thoroughly coat. Repeat for the other two portions so you end up with three 2 inch balls.

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If you wanted to store these in the fridge or freezer until you are ready to use that won’t harm them and might help the cookie harden.  I just placed mine right in the tank for the feeding trials. The crabs eventually pulled it all apart but it held up well for a week and they eventually ate every bit of it even with their regular food being offered at the same time.